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The Company

The company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH  is the world's leading provider for IPL and cavitation devices in the field of medical and cosmetic industry.

With its future IPL, cavitation, bleaching and tattoo removal technology, the company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH corresponds to the global growing needs and the permanent development of international standards.

The intensive development work in the in-house workshop has enabled the company in the last years to get the best standards. With several new products, the company could also make an important contribution to the cosmetic and medical industry.

There is a lively exchange through close collaboration with various IPL-institutes and dermatologists. This valuable information is given directly to our manufacturers to achieve a continuous improvement in our treatment systems, based on the latest proven knowledge. Due to the increased demand for IPL devices "Made in Germany" from our customers, IPL-SHR Germany GmbH has merged with two companies.

The IT Company D. Müller, and the company Ectron Electronic. Mit the competent development team in our house developed IPL devices all the knowledge and experience. Through this competent development team, all the knowledge and experiences are flowing inside the construction of these internally developed IPL devices.

The spectrum of the technical area includes the company Ectron Electronic. It is specialized in the production of microprocessor controllers, temperature sensors, air flow monitors, spare parts of air conditioners and heaters for the ICE. On top of that Ectron Electronic possesses patents for the manufacture of water treatment plant, which are found among other things in the medical technology industry. This company is also a leader in the field of legionella systems that are in hospitals, military, on ships, oil rigs and used in other areas with plumbing units.

With such strong and successful partners, we created the optimum conditions for the first IPL-devices "Made in Germany ".

"Through this, IPL-SHR Germany GmbH will become the first German company, which brings "Hand made in Germany" IPL devices on the market. It will revolutionize the market through innovative technology and impressive look. The development works at full speed." (Mr. Reinshagen, co-founder of IPL-SHR Germany GmbH)

Our company is teaching young people with the rule of IHK. We give young people the opportunity to undergo a Future oriented vocational training. The professions, such as office communications, auxiliary Secretary, office clerk, commercial specialists and mechanotrician, are trained by our company. Because of our longstanding experience and our technicians, we enable you easy access to work.

The device will undergo the medical CE certification by TÜV Rheinland, and all the other major acceptances.

We invite you to a free counseling interview. Tell us your individual project in the field for permanent hair removal and we will find the right device for you tailored to your needs.

Our company forms young people in accordance with the guidelines of the ICC. We offer young people the possibility to absolve a future-oriented professional formation. The professions such as office communication, office clerk, commercial specialists and mechatronics are trained by us. Through our professional experience of many years and specialized staff, we offer you an easy entry into the professional life


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