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The company

The company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of IPL-, SHR- in the cosmetic industry.

With its future-oriented IPL, SHR, technologies, the company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH corresponds to the globally growing requirements and the permanent expansion of international standards.

The intensive development work in the in-house workshop has given the company the best possible standards in recent years. With various new products, it has also made an important contribution to the cosmetic industry.

Through the close cooperation with various IPL institutes, there is a regular exchange of experience. We provide this valuable information directly to our production, thereby achieving a continuous improvement of our treatment systems based on the latest knowledge.

With this competent development team, all our knowledge and experience flow into our in-house developed IPL devices.

It will revolutionize the market through innovative technology and impressive look. The development runs at full blast. (Mr. Reinshagen, co-founder of IPL-SHR Germany GmbH)

Our company is created according to the guidelines of CIC (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) young people. We give the young people the opportunity to complete a future-oriented vocational training. The professions such as office communication, office administration, business specialists and mechatronics specialists are trained by us. Thanks to our many years professional experience and our professional staff, we are able to give you an easy start into your professional life.

We would be happy to invite you to free consultation. You share with us your plans in the field of permanent hair removal, and we will find you the right device for you, which adapted to your wishes

Callback service

Telefon: (02103) 911-5790

Send us your phone number and we will call you back for free.


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