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Ergebnisse unsere Kunden

Refit BehandlungRefit BehandlungRefit BehandlungRefit BehandlungRefit Behandlung

SHR Germany Refit Device for Body Shaping and Skin Rejuvenation

Three state-of-the-art technologies for impressive results in fat reduction and skin rejuvenation

Radiofrequency firms and strengthens

The vacuum shapes the body and gives a relaxing massage

The LED light reduces wrinkles and refines the skin texture

Three handpieces for face and body treatments

1x SHR Germany Refit device for body shaping and skin rejuvenation

A facelift and a bikini-ready body- all in the span of a lunch break!

This device offers an all-round beauty experience with its avant-garde combination of multipolar radiofrequency, vacuum, and LED technology for incredible body-shaping and anti-aging.

The Refit Technologies:


Noticeable tissue firming through thermal energy- only radiofrequency makes it possible! The heat tightens the skin so that areas like the chest and the buttocks appear firmer and more lifted- even a double chin can be treated. The radiofrequency can also have a filling effect on nasolabial folds and smooth out tear bags; moreover, it fights sagging and creates a taut face. At the same time, radiofrequency preserves its own lifting effect by stimulating collagen and elastin production, the substances that are essential for elastic, soft skin. From the very first session, the clock is rewound for the skin, which looks younger and fresher, and cellulite is reduced.


The vacuum suction breaks down the fat tissue by loosening the bonds among the cells. The massage given by the vacuum enriches the tissue with a higher blood supply and helps the radiofrequency to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. At the same time, it is very relaxing for the customer. It helps fight water retention and reduces puffiness and swelling. It also relaxes tensed muscles. The overall appearance of the skin is improved, and stretch marks, scars, and tear bags become less visible.


The LED light has a wide range of applications for several skin conditions.

The red light kicks off collagen production and smooths out wrinkles. This light has a detoxifying effect on the skin and stimulates blood circulation in the tissue. At the same time, the light triggers cell regeneration, leaving the skin moisturised and elastic. Besides, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents pimples, and minimises pores.

The blue light is suited especially for irritation-prone and sensitive skin. This light has a calming effect: not only it reduces pimples, but it is also a great ally for the treatment of disparate skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne, and eczema. Blue light reduces inflammations, has an antibacterial effect, and increases cell regeneration. It also regulates sebum production, for fresh, younger skin.

3 Handpieces for Face and Body:

Small handpiece: for face and neck

Medium handpiece: for arms, thighs, chest, buttocks, and neck

Large handpiece: for back and stomach

The user-friendly touchscreen display automatically recognises the handpieces. It is possible to manage the pulse settings (continuous, slow, normal, and fast) to adapt them to each customer's needs. The innovative RIDM technology allows you to set automatic programmes with a 5 to 30 minutes duration for all the different treatments.

Possible Applications:

- Body shaping

- Fat reduction

- Tissue firming, e.g. for a double chest or a sagging chest

- Wrinkle minimising

- Skin rejuvenation

- Treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, and scars

- Lymphatic drainage

- Reduction of tear bags

SAS technology for safe treatments:

The SAS (Safe Anti-Spark) technology protects from sparks and short circuits even when working at higher frequencies through a controlled energy release. 

 Modell  Refit
 Vakuum  200mmHg
 LED Wellenlänge  640nm / 460nm
 Leistung  70W
Frequenzen  8 Mhz
 Maße (L x B x H)  40 × 40,5 × 22 cm
 Gewicht  7kg
 Energieversorgung  230 V 50 Hz

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