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Buy the devices without deposit!

The IPL-SHR-Revolution. The new M26 is now available

The next Generation of the IPL-SHR devices is right now available here at
SHR-Germany GmbH

m26 org

 Buy now up to 36 Months possible!
 0% financing / processing fee for financing = 523,53 €*
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 Regular Price
  Purchase Price  15.900 €*
  Deposit  2.500 €*
  Monthly installments  36
  Monthly Rate  372,22 €*
  Hire purchase 4 Year guarantee
  Direct purchase 8 Year guarantee
 * Prices excl. 19% VAT.
  ~53 % In-house exhibition discount
  Purchase Price  7.479 €*
  Deposit  3.500 €*
  Monthly installments  36
  Monthly Rate  110,53 €*
  Hire purchase 4 Year guarantee
  Direct purchase 8 Year guarantee
* Prices excl. 19% VAT.
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IPL SHR Kabine Set

*Bei einem Direktkauf eines Gerätes ab 7.000€ Netto.

*Ausgenommen AquaPure II

Mit unserer hochwertigen Kosmetikkabine verschönern Sie im Handumdrehen Ihr Kosmetikstudio.

Beim Kauf eines SHR-Gerätes oder Diodenlaser, bekommen Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter 10 Jahre lang kostenlose Nachschulungen!

Ergebnisse unsere Kunden

M26 vorher und nachher - 3 Wochen nach der 1.Sitzung

SHR M26 BehandlungSHR M26 BehandlungSHR M26 BehandlungSHR M26 Behandlungm26VorherNachher 3




The M26 is even more advanced, more compact and faster designed as the previous hair-removal appliances and is guarantees the best treatment results.
The entire revision made by our development team helped to optimize the already existing SHR- Technologie and make out technology more customer- friendly.
The benefits of our new M26 Devices has a better mobility and even more specific covering of the wevelength range with maximum of skin preservation . Our M26 Device guarantees even more effectively treatment of hair with the help of more refined pulse duty.
The M26 is because of its robust construction even safer and easierer to apply than any other, already familiar technologies.
Convince yourself at one of our in house fairs.
Because of our yearlong experience as a German Company in the range of the effective long-term hair removal, we are constantly working for our customers on the latest technology and innovation.
Because of the 14 years anniversary our price anouncement is a real revolution with a lot of included services.


  • Inclusive hair removal handpiece
  • Inclusive skin rejuvenation handpiece
  • Inclusive starter kit
  • Inclusive cosmetics cabin


Always be ahead of your competition.

Simply hair free. Way ahead of its time

SHR-Germany GmbH


 Model  SHR-G M26
 Screen  10,2“ LCD color touch screen
 Capacitors  2 Stück
 Spot Size hair removal  45 x 50 x 14mm
 Spot Size Skin rejuvenation  45 x 40 x 8mm
 Light energy hair removal  1 - 20 J/cm² Haarentfernung
 Light energy skin rejuvenation  1 - 20 J/cm² Hautverjüngung
 Wavelength  640-950nm / 560-950nm
 Pulse sequence  3 Impuls / Sekunde
 Pulse duration:  8 ms
 Pulse frequency:  3 Hz
 Power:  1500 Watt
 Cooling system:
  • Air cooling
  • Water cooling
  • Peltier cooling
  • Refrigeration temperature adjustable
 Handpieces  2 Pieces
 Handpiece connector  x 2
 Power supply:  100/120 V, 50-60 Hz oder 220-240 V, 50- 60 Hz
 Net-weight:  ~ 31,5 kg
 Size:  55 cm x 52cm x 50cm (L x B x H)

General application:

  • Removes undesirably hair
  • Renews the skin


Main characteristics:

  • Low operating costs
  • High efficiency and speed
  • Modern design, huge TFT Display
  • Triple light-filtering- Systems
  • Controled water recirculation by magnetic clutch
  • A lower noise level, longer lifetime
  • Integrated calibration ensures precision with every treatment


scope of delivery:

  • The IPL-SHR device hand pieces inclusive
  • Starter package

Starter package:

  • 6 L ultrasound gel
  • 2 rolls of paper for treatment couch
  • 2 packages of paper towels or 2 rolls of paper
  • 500 wooden spatulas for spreading the gel
  • 10 L distilled water
  • Training documents
  • certificate
  • instruction manual
  • 2x 3M Orginal IPL safety glasses with green light factor
  • 1 x user IPL safety glasses
  • 1 x customer IPL safety glasses
  • Water filling tube including funnel
  • 1 IPL Poster Motif A 60x80cm
  • 1 IPL Poster Motif B 60x80cm
  • 1 IPL Poster Motif C 60x80cm
  • 1 IPL Poster Motif D 60x80cm
  • 1 IPL Poster Motif E 60x80cm
  • 2x wet wipes premium 50 pack
  • 2x SHR Germany notepad



IPL lamps replacement service

IPL lamps exchange service

At IPL-SHR Germany GmbH you get a variety of lamps for different IPL devices. The lamps are made in Germany and mostly better than the original one. We can also offer you a complete service, please use our contact form and let us know the manufacturer and model of your device, we will send you an offer without engagement.

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