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The practice

ipl shr hair removal

The treatment process

The handpiece (applicator) of the device is placed with light pressure on the treated body's area. Precisely controlled xenon light pulses penetrate the hair follicles from the spot. This is done very careful and gently, without damaging the skin. A light touching signalizes the successful effect of the individual impulses. The dye melanin converts the light energy into heat in the hair shaft, the hair follicles are thus permanently destroyed. Only the hairs, which are in the growth phase can be treated and removed effectively during an application. As a rule, therefore, 6 to 8 treatments are required to achieve the desired result.


Permanent hair removal with IPL

The permanent hair removal is realised with IPL (Intensive Pulse Light). In this case, the light energy of the wavelength 590-950 nm is projected onto the skin. IPL is currently the most gentle and safe method for the permanent removal of annoying body hair. In modern IPL technology, the known disadvantages of the previous laser devices have been eliminated and the advantages have been combined in a novel system. Therefore, IPL is generally not the laser technology. Traditional laser devices usually operate with bundled light and only at a certain wavelength. This light energy is absorbed from the hairline through the melanin to the hair and transported to the hair matrix in the skin. The hair serves as an energy conductor and for this reason may not be removed manually in advance of a treatment, So do not

wax, pluck or EPILATE!

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