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IPL Devices

You can buy IPL devices of high-quality for mobile and stationary use at IPL-SHR Germany GmbH. The IPL device IPL-SHR S14 is one of the best IPL devices that IPL-SHR Germany GmbH can offer you.

The IPL devices of IPL-SHR Germany GmbH have been specifically designed for permanent hair removal and ensure 100% success. These devices are painless and do not irritate the skin by using them.

In order to get very good results, you will receive a professional training, coordinated to chosen device, by purchasing an IPL device. Our officially recognized instructors are always available for your questions and will differently support you on your way to success. The instructors of the company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH share their own experiences gained while working with the IPL devices. In addition, the IPL devices are very simple and easy to use. Furthermore, the company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH offers repair service in all areas and is mainly specialized in the exchange of bulbs.
Mobile and stationary IPL device:

A mobile device is suitable for mobile use. It can without any problems, for example, be directly conveyed to customers. In contrast, a stationary device is located in shops and practice offices, where regular customers are. A mobile device gives the same results as a stationary one.

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