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IPL-SHR Germany Family - We are a community

We thank each customer and appreciate that you are with us.

It is said: a customer is a king; it is exactly what our customers are for us.

We are pleased to convince people to appreciate the highest quality with innovative technology and our high-quality service offer.

We are happy to support you during your professional career and concentrate individually on you so that you can become a professional in a very short time and safely earn your living.

It makes us happy that you are promoted to go your own way confidently and independently.

As an IPL-SHR Germany family member, you will be of course the first to know about new technologies and devices, as well you will be informed about all the latest developments regarding the IPL market.

Your satisfaction is very important for us. For this reason, we would like to invite you to our Family Day. We organize an event intermittently 6 months and look forward to meeting you again.

We would like to get to know you more closely and discover more your professional experiences. We want to give everybody the chance to be promoted and to share the fun of being the member of our community.

For the event, we have prepared many surprises for our customers and look forward to every visit.

Take advantage of being a part of the IPL-SHR Germany family community.

For more information please call: 02103/911 5790

For the coming event the date will be published, please contact us.

IPL-SHR Germany Family - We are a community

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