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Notice: IPL-SHR


Customer information

Dear Customers,

since product piracy is no longer a rarity nowadays, we would like to warn consumers in the IPL industry.

Everything can be faked, what makes money quickly. Here IPL-SHR devices belong as well. That is why we warn you not to be persuaded to make a quick purchase. In the meantime, many companies offer IPL-SHR devices at reasonable prices.

If the seller says that he sells an IPL-SHR device that does not mean that it is a real IPL-SHR device. Often, faked IPL-SHR devices are offered.

Please check the validity of your purchase contracts and above all the authenticity of the goods.
That is why the company IPL-SHR Germany GmbH asks you to have a more accurate inspection before purchasing a favourable device.
If you have any questions about fraud cases, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IPL-SHR Germany GmbH

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