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General Information

Dear Customer,

Here at SHR Germany we care a lot about your satisfaction- this is why we offer an all-round service for all our customers!

In order to meet your expectations and avoid any surprises, we will give you a few general tips about what to keep in mind before purchasing a device.

1.       Qualification of Consultants, Training and Certificate

Before you decide to purchase a device, you should consider getting a detailed consultation. Service is not just information about the price!

Only trained personnel can give you an adequate consultation. Therefore, we recommend that you always pay attention to the experience and qualifications that your consultant possesses!

Professional advice also includes extensive training. At the end of each training, you should be issued a certificate that demonstrates the knowledge you have acquired. A detailed training includes not only the basic information about the device, but also its handling, basic cosmetic or medical knowledge that you need to possess when using the device, and much more. (see training courses)


2.       Specific Advice Tailored to your Needs

Certainly, you are familiar with this selling tactic: they will attempt to sell you something expensive, even if there is no need at all. There is no place for this sales tactic in our company. We will give you advice and present you with offers that are tailored to your every need. Each customer needs a different device for their specific needs!


3.       Follow-up Support

Good service does not end with the signing of a contract! Support for the customer must go above and beyond. At SHR Germany, no matter what kind of issue you have- our numerous contact persons will take care of it! Do you have questions about the treatments and need support? Our instructors are here to advise and assist you. The same, of course, applies for the technical, service, media and online shop divisions!


4.       Warranty or Guarantee?

You should always make sure that the seller provides a guarantee of at least 2 years on the devices. In case of defects, the guarantee should specify that you will be supplied with a rental device, so that you can continue your work without any delay or suspension. Make sure that you can receive assistance from the seller at any point in time in case of technical issues. It is also very important that any repair work carried out on your device is always performed by a specialised technician.

A warranty, however, is always associated with additional costs and should not be equated with a guarantee from the manufacturer.


5.       Number of Shots and Replacement Costs

This is a relevant point, should you be interested in a hair removal device.


IPL and IPL-SHR Devices

The lamps used in IPL and IPL-SHR devices must be substituted after a certain amount of time. All lamps, even the ones of the highest quality, lose efficiency over time. If a lamp is not efficient, the treatments cannot be carried out as the results would be disappointing.

A lamp must be replaced after about 300,000 pulses.

Our devices do not have limitations on pulses. This means that you can always count on the full 300,000 pulses when replacing the lamp. Sometimes, sellers offer a low price for the replacement, but in reality they unlock only 50,000 shots. There are also sellers that advertise a really high shot count, but this can never be guaranteed as losses in the efficiency of a lamp always occur. Cheaper services do not take into account the quality of a lamp, nor do they replace the components in the handpiece that may have worn over time- instead, they only replace the lamp; this leads to disappointing results in the treatments. In the worst case, this can even shorten the lifespan of your device.

Here at SHR Germany, we do not charge extra money for the shots. There are devices on the market whose shots are charged from 3 cents to € 1 each. With us, you can decide how many shots you want. Upon request, you can also receive this declaration in written form.

Laser Devices

Even if laser devices can fire significantly more shots than IPL and IPL SHR devices, it is nevertheless advisable to have the handpieces regularly checked and replaced so that safety is not compromised, and the treatment can be carried out safely and efficiently on the customer at all times. To ensure this, we guarantee 2,5 million shots on all our laser devices.

Many sellers advertise an absurdly high shot count, which is however never guaranteed. Then, in case of premature failure of the handpiece, you will be charged with excessive repair costs or offered a completely new handpiece, for prices that can reach € 10,000 - € 20,000.

We advise you get the exact number of shots guaranteed in written form, and inquire which additional costs can incur.

Of course, we are not just giving you these tips to take along the way, but we intend to apply them to their fullest extent!

 The training is prepared to follow all specificities of your device, so that you can have a secure handling of it and carry out successful treatments. In addition, you will receive an extensive training manual with each training. The customer information sheet, which is extremely relevant for the treatments, is also included in the training documents. SHR Germany GmbH also issues certificates to you and your employees, free of charge. In addition, you and your staff can receive free retraining for 10 years for hair removal devices. Should you have any questions, you can use our free call-back service to get in touch with our instructors, customer service and technicians.

Before you sign a contract, please make sure you are given a draft to review in all tranquillity first. A good company will always give a long warranty period on the technical components of all devices! Be sure to pay attention to the fine print in the contract. If a company is reputable, the contract will be clear and easy to understand. Our contracts are written with these guidelines in mind.

According to our own experience, there are about 30 companies in Germany that sell professional hair removal and beauty devices. 10 of those companies go bankrupt each year. Many of the customers of these companies come to us for the maintenance of their devices, as the original manufacturers are no longer in business. Such companies deliberately sell cheap, poor quality equipment and disappear from the market after a few months, when they are overwhelmed with maintenance requests as the devices need to be repaired.

SHR Germany GmbH has been in business for more than 11 years now. Our priority is to offer top-quality service and sell affordable, first-rate devices that give outstanding results during the treatments. We want you to enjoy your work and satisfy your customers. Just like us! We love our job!

When buying a device, pay attention to good service, personalised customer support and exhaustive training. Does the company employ doctors, naturopaths and beauticians? Who will advise you and perform the training? Please also make sure that technicians and engineers are employed in this company. Visit the company and form your own opinion. Many sellers would come to you and show you a single device.

This means that you get neither a full view of their product range, nor can you visit the company.

You can only find out whether the seller is trustworthy or not by visiting the company and having a full tour of the premises. It is best if the company is not a beauty institute. If possible, there should be a separate workshop where the maintenance and reparation of the devices can be carried out. In addition, the workshop should have good technical equipment, such as professional measuring instruments. At the moment, SHR Germany GmbH has one of the largest workshops in Germany, with its 5000 m2 area.

Schedule an appointment today for a non-binding consultation and visit our company!

Our doors are always open for you!

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