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Physical basics
Biological basics
Treatment options
Treatment preparation
Treatment procedure


Preparations (customer dialogue)
Technical preparations
Handling the hardware
Parameter settings
Precautionary and safety measures


Price categories
including food and drinks

Every week we provide an IPL training course for you!

The training costs € -. You will learn how to handle IPL devices and how to successfully carry out treatments. In addition, you will receive documents for the customers, for themselves and the entire training documents to read again in the future, as well as a certificate. It is also taken care of the physical well-being.

In order to answer all questions and thus also have time for personal conversations, we limited the number of participants to six. If you would like soon to have an appointment, please contact us early either by e-mail or by phone. (See above for contact details).

If you buy an IPL device from IPL-SHR Germany GmbH, the training course is free for you! Even if you buy the device much later.

You want to become self-employed with an IPL device for permanent hair removal. For this reason, if you buy a new IPL-device, we offer you a free training course. Here you will find all important details, which must be observed before, during and after the treatment.

A very important point is the "exclusion criterion of customers" (such as pregnant women, people with light blond, red or very gray hair, etc.). You will learn specific insider tips based on years of experience through countless treatments. After finishing the training, you will completely understand the basic principle of IPL hair removal and you will be able to answer every question of the customers.

Of course, the treatment process on the device will be explained in details to you. This includes the configuration of the handpiece with the required for the treatment filter, through the application of the cooling gel in the appropriate thickness, to the setting of the joule, the appropriate treatment, the optimal cleansing of the treatment head, etc.

Some entrepreneurial pieces of advice are also included in the training, as e.g .: What establishment should I put on without spending a fortune? Which facilities are better to start my business? How do I most effectively promote my new company?

In addition, you will receive some interesting information about our public liability, business registration as well as a questionnaire, which should be filled out and signed before each initial treatment of customers. Following your training, you will receive the training material for future reference and we will provide you with a certificate that clearly shows to your customers that you have a professional support.


A short overview on the topics:

  •      Treatment techniques - IPL technology and radio frequency technology
  •      Physical Basics - Electromagnetic waves, wavelengths of light, energy, reflection, scattering
  •      Biological treatment bases - skin structure, hair structure, growth cycles and phases, hair thickness and pigmentation
  •      Treatment options - Permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation/skin tightening/wrinkle reduction
  •      Treatment procedure - consultation, questionnaire, written letter of agreement, therapy protocol, preparation of schedule
  •      Further topics - marketing, safety instructions and practical applications


The training of IPL-SHR Germany GmbH represents an information package, with which you can start your business immediately.

Buying a device, IPL- SHR Germany GmbH provides you Germany-wide with our state-recognised instructors and technicians.

The training is specialized or coordinated to your device so that you will be able to work with and handle your IPL device easily. You will also receive our 55-pages training portfolio and the questionnaire for your treatments. The customer information sheet, which is extremely relevant to the treatments, is also included in our training portfolio. SHR Germany GmbH also provides you with your own training certificate which allows you to work.

If you have any questions, please use our free call-back service, so you can contact our instructors and technicians.




Uni Ulm


Gerne lassen wir Ihre Schulungen bei uns von unserem professionellen Haus-Fotografen begleiten und stellen Ihnen die Fotos zur Verfügung. Selbstverständlich kostenfrei. Denn Service wird bei uns groß geschrieben. Melden Sie sich hierzu vorab beim

SHR Germany Team.



Callback service

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24 Hours Service-Hotline :
Telefon: (02103) 911-5790


24h IPL Service

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