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Kavitation Gerät


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 0% financing / processing fee for financing = 372,50 €*
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  Purchase Price  14.900 €*
  Deposit  3.500 €*
  Monthly installments  36
  Monthly Rate  316,67 €*
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 * Prices excl. 19% VAT.
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  Purchase Price  7.450 €*
  Deposit  2.000 €*
  Monthly installments  36
  Monthly Rate  151,39 €*
  Hire purchase 1 Year guarantee
  Direct purchase 2 Year guarantee
* Prices excl. 19% VAT.


 Model  Cavitation SK13
 Display  40 KHz ( 80 KHz / 1 MHz
 Output power Maximum  Maximal 50 W
 Handpieces  2 Ultrasonic cavitation
 Treatment heads  1 x Ø 70 mm ; 1 x Ø 47 mm 
 Two operating modes   Pulse / continuous 
 Power supply:  220-240 V, 50- 60 Hz
 Net weight:  ~ 41 kg
 Size: 37 x 46 x 107 cm


The combination of sound and shock waves produces the change of over- and underpressure in the fat cells thus, microstreaming arises in fat tissue Elasticity of the cell membrane decreases and loses its storage capability Cell membrane embeds the cell interior - is the shell Stored fatty acids flow into the surrounding tissue and, under the impact of ultrasounds, mix with tissue fluids, forming an emulsion. THIS IS REMOVED FROM THE LYMPHYSTEM. Emulsified fat is added to normal lipometabolism and consumed as energy. The useless fat cells are removed by the macrophages (scavenger cells). 40 kHz and 80 kHz – In order to create the vibration, the ultrasound waves allow fat cells to break. Vacuum system- supports the removal of the disposed fat emulsion to the tissue. Manual or mechanical lymphatic drainage for the BENEFIT !!! 2 heads M80 + M50 = cavitation heads. The rest of the handpieces serve to reduce the dissolved fat after the cavitation!

Cavitation is the rapid build-up and collapse of millions of microscopic bubbles in a fluid. Similar to all sound waves, ultrasonic waves emit high and low pressure waves. These variable pressure waves produce cavitation. An amount of bubbles increases during the low pressure, while the high pressure causes them to implode. These implosions produce increasing of temperature and the exchange of pressure and heat within microseconds. The implosion of bubbles in fat tissue breaks the cell membranes and creates mechanical lipolysis adipocytes.


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