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IPL system

While laser devices may only be used by certified medical facilities and (skin) medical practices, IPL devices can be used almost anywhere, Also can be operated by cosmeticians.

Even 12 years ago, there was only laser equipment for instrument-based permanent hair removal.

Over time, the first IPL devices were developed to enable permanent hair removal. Initially, the laser devices were superior to the IPL devices because they had more power. However, the IPL technology has been further developed in record time and has left laser technology far behind for several years.

Destroyed hair root cannot produce hair anymore!

The IPL system has an applicator (the handpiece), which has a large supporting surface. Thus, during the IPL process, many hair roots can be achieved simultaneously. Clinical tests have shown that the use of the applicator on average resulted in a 10% improvement of the treatment outcome opposite to the treatment with previous applicators. Approximately 77 percent of the treated patients evaluated the treatment result after 4 treatments with good to very good.

During the treatment, with the help of the IPL system, only hair follicles can be destroyed, however, which are in the growth phase (anagen phase). The majority of our hairs are in the resting phase (telogen phase) and only about 20 to 30 percent are in the anagen phase. Therefore, several treatments with the IPL system are necessary in order to achieve a permanent removal of the hair.

The single sessions are held at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.


Treatment options:

Permanent hair removal in approx. 6 treatments:

The advantage of E-Light: The device works not only with IPL but also uses radio frequency combined in one treatment. Through the additional effect of RF,  the heat (70 degrees) can be kept in the hair roots longer. Thus we not only achieve faster results but can also permanently remove fine and light hair, which can not be removed only with the IPL radiation.

The melanin (pigment) of the hair serves as an energy source for the hair roots. Only pigmented hair can be treated due to the mechanism of action. The hair follicle is thereby irreparably damaged and is no longer able to produce a new hair root. The successfully treated hairs fall out after 3 to 20 days and do not grow from a destroyed follicle.

Since the skin also contains pigments, it is beneficial if it is as bright as possible.

With the IPL system, the heat is directed to the root via the hair and a temperature of approx. 70 degrees is reached the hair roots for the fraction of a second. Only in this way the protein of the root can be destroyed and the hair is removed permanently.

Broadly speaking, the IPL system reacts and works better, if the hair are darker and the skin is brighter. In the case of dark skin, burns can also occur, by using the device improperly, so our device has already been pre-programmed on 3 types of skin: dark skin - yellow and browned skin - white skin.

In this way, we ensure safe working without side effects.


Skin Rejuvenation:

The possibility of painless and with low side effects smoothing of disturbing facial wrinkles is possible with our IPL system. With an IPL skin rejuvenation result is visible after only a few treatments: The skin becomes fresher and smoother. After 6-8 treatments you can expect a skin tightening up to 4 months.

As the heat is transmitted into the skin by the light pulses, the chromophores are stimulated in the tissue, the tissue expands and presses the wrinkles outwards. The skin appears smoother and fresher.

Our IPL devices offer more!

Permanent hair removal is only one way you can use your new IPL device. Other treatments can also be carried out thanks to the IPL system: Hautverjüngung


IPL lamps replacement service

IPL lamps exchange service

At IPL-SHR Germany GmbH you get a variety of lamps for different IPL devices. The lamps are made in Germany and mostly better than the original one. We can also offer you a complete service, please use our contact form and let us know the manufacturer and model of your device, we will send you an offer without engagement.

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